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A unique view on Gibraltar's Political and Current Affairs

by Michael Brufal de Melgarejo, Marques de Lendinez



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About this site

This website brings together a great number of interviews with parliamentarians who over the decades have contributed to the political evolution of the Gibraltarians. Today Gibraltar is no longer a Crown Colony. It also includes interviews with personalities connected in one way or another with Gibraltar.

About the Author

Michael has commented on Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Question for 51 years. Most of his interviews were published in the Gibraltar Chronicle and the Gibraltar Magazine. The greatest measure of the effect of his work was his inclusion on the infamous Persona Non Grata list during the 15th economic siege by General Franco. In his case the order was signed by the Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco. He could not enter Spain for several years until the death of the Caudillo. In the late nineties the Spanish Government persuaded his then employer, Shell Mex, to apply pressure so that his name was not shown in the Gibraltar Chronicle. Instead agreement was reached that his copy would be signed M.R.B. This has been continued to the present day as it provides anonymity. He died in February 2018, but leaves his legacy here, and in the edification of many on the subject of Gibraltar.

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